Search Engine Opimization

Search Engine Opimization

It’s not all about having the coolest website or driving traffic to your website.

You need to be driving targetted traffic to your website or the right set of people will not connect with you.

As a big believer in inbound marketing, we love to see our clients improve their rankings on search engines and get some clients too.



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Our Work Strategy

You & Your Clients
We want to know what drives you, and the needs your customers prioritize
Put Your Best Foot Forward
You should always put your best foot forward. It's how you improve your perception as an authority


We use Meta Tags to tell search engines what your post is about. We also format your content appropriately in a way that matches Google’s Algorithm.

Keywords have varying difficulties and people react to content differently. We will use data from your best performing keyword/content to define how people connect with your content and also try to define what keywords bring people to your website.

What’s more, we are not just interested in driving traffic to your website. We always try to include CTAs on your pages.

Absolutely, SEO is not magic. With SEO, you give search engines the right information about your content.

You also need other forms of marketing including paid options to ensure that you can compete.